Sea Front Dining in a Spectacular Setting

Experience the perfection that is dining in the Gran Palapa of El Pez Boutique Hotel. The space has been carefully designed to provide our guests with a cozy, intimate setting that is also open to catch the sea breezes and to offer views of the pelicans diving for fish in the Caribbean Sea.

We offer an enticing menu that features the best local meat, seafood, and produce and these are all combined into delightful dishes that are carefully crafted by our chef and his staff. Try a tropical fruit plate for breakfast, a fresh salad or delicious sandwich for lunch, and sample the catch of the day when we dim the lights for a relaxed dinner atmosphere.

The Gran Palapa is also the perfect place to try one of our signature cocktails, crafted just for El Pez by our master mixologist, and make certain to check out daily special board to discover the catch of the day or other off-menu items that are sure to please.


Green Salad

Mix of fresh greens from our garden, tossed with avocado, jicama and caramelized onion, dressed with a lime and garlic vinaigrette.

6 USD | $85
El Pez Ceasar Salad

Traditional Ceasar Salad with romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, baked garlic croutons.

8.5 USD | $120
Grilled Vegetable Salad

Fresh vegetables of the season grilled and served with an arugula salad, raspberry vinaigrette.

8.5 USD | $120
Please add to any salad

Grilled chicken, arrachera steak, shrimp or octopus.

4 USD | $60


Tomato Soup

Classic tomato soup, with garlic croutons and basil.

7 USD | $100
Squash Soup

Roasted squash soup served with crunchy pork rinds.

7.5 USD | $105
El Pez Special: Seafood Pozole

Our version of the traditional seafood soup, white corn, lettuce, onions and limes.

11 USD | $155
Black Bean Soup

Served with roasted tomato, cilantro and Cotija cheese.

7 USD | $100



with homemade tortilla chips.

8 USD | $110
Classic Ceviche

Fresh fish, shrimp, octopus, lime, pico de gallo and chile.

11 USD | $155
Seafood Tosadas

Order a single tostada or the trio sampler:Yellow fin tuna with a lime aioli, viuda negra spicy sauce and cucumber.Shrimp with chipotle, cueritos and jicama.Fresh scallop with pineapple and a peanut and chile sauce.

single: 6.5 USD | $90trio sampler: 7.5 USD | $105
Seafood Cocktail

Classic seafood cocktail - served in a homemade tomato sauce, pico de gallo and sliced avocado.

11.5 USD | $165



Served with a traditional chimichurri, cherry tomatoes and crispy fried leek strands.

11 USD | $155
Yellow Fin Tuna

Dressed with a lemon and soy vinaigrette, chopped serrano, cilantro, avocado and a wasabi aioli.

11.5 USD | $165
Beet Carpaccio

Served with a sherry and shallot vinaigrette, goat cheese and arugula salad.

9 USD | $125


Fish Fillet

Delicately poached in coconut oil with a simple mashed yuca and sautéed chaya, or Pan seared fish with a micro green salad and crispy shallots.

18.5 USD | $260
Whole Fish

Whole marinated fish served with salad, refried beans, pickled onion, guacamole and homemade tortillas. Served fried, roasted or zarandeado.

(market price)
Grilled Octopus

Tender confit of octopus finished on the grill served with a chorizo, nopal, black bean, avocado and cherry tomato salad.

20 USD | $280
Grilled Arrachera Steak

With a creamy plantain purée, grilled asparagus salad with almonds and raisins.

25 USD | $350
Chicken Pipián

Roasted chicken served with a classic Mexican pipián sauce with pumpkin seeds and cilantro, leek, hearts of palm, mushrooms and chaya.

16 USD | $225
Chef Seafood Pasta

Different seafood pasta everyday.

13.5 USD | $190


Potato purée
4.5 USD | $65
French fries
5.5 USD | $75
4 USD | $55
Seasonal grilled vegetables
5 USD | $70
Handmade corn tortillas
4.5 USD | $65

Kids menu

Macaroni & Cheese
6.5 USD | $90
Chicken Fingers

Served with french fries

7 USD | $100
Spaghetti Pomodoro
6.5 USD | $90
Grilled Chicken Breast or Flank Steak

Served with potato purée and salad

8.5 USD | $120
French Fries
5 USD | $70


Caramel Macadamia Tart

Toasted cashews, salted caramel with chocolate fudge and vanilla ice-cream.

8 USD | $110
Passion Fruit Vacherin

Crunchy meringue with strawberries dressed in a passion fruit sauce, homemade vanilla whipped cream and vanilla ice-cream.

7 USD | $100
Coconut Flan

Traditional Mexican flan with a sweet coconut cream.

5.5 USD | $7.5

Ask our waiters for available options.

5.5USD | $75

Jasper Soffer, master mixologist, has had a career in the bar industry as interesting and as lauded as the cocktails that he creates.

Jasper began in London at the ShoChu Lounge and his Asian inspired cocktail menu was heralded by Time Out Magazine five times during his tenure at this London hot spot.

Following a transition to New York City Mr. Soffer began working at the highly acclaimed Spice Market with chef Jean-George Vongerichten, a James Beard Award winner. He then secured the head bartender position at the legendary SoHo House, an exclusive, members-only club and hotel. It was here that Jasper mastered the fine details of cocktail creation and service in a demanding and challenging position.

During his tenure at the SoHo House Jasper was asked to join the Pegu Club by its founder Audrey Saunders, widely recognized as the leader of the high end bar industry. Here he worked to create a dynamic and interesting cocktail menu and learned the minute details necessary to succeed in the competitive industry of master mixology. With Jasper’s assistance and dedication Pegu Club took the honor of World’s Best Cocktail Bar in the Spirit Awards from Tales of the Cocktail in 2007.

Jasper then joined the team as manager at the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel in New York City. As one of the most popular bars in the city, the Boom Boom Room saw Jasper excel as a leader of over 30 employees and he maintained the establishment’s high levels of customer service as well as their position as the leader in the then-emerging world of elevated cocktails.

Jasper took a sojourn to Australia and found success in a position at one of Sydney’s most famous bars, Eau du Vie, which won the World’s Best New Cocktail Bar award from Tales of the Cocktail in 2011. He also consulted with other bars in and around Sydney to improve their cocktail menus and standards of service.

Jasper is co owner and founder of the Mulberry Project based in New York City. Widely heralded as one of the leaders in the craft cocktail industry, Mulberry Project is responsible for pop up events in locations like Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. With a tradition of creating fine, bespoke cocktails, the Mulberry Project is rapidly becoming a fixture in the world of custom mixology.

Jasper has joined the Colibri Hotel Collection and has taken his vast and varied experience and combined that with his impeccable knowledge of cocktail creation to plan and implement a cocktail menu that is focused and cohesive, yet plays up to unique identity of each of property. With a focus on fresh ingredients found locally, such as fruit and herbs, Jasper’s cocktail menus are inviting and fun, yet are also familiar and pay homage to the Yucatan peninsula and its heritage.

Jasper also led Team Colibri to the Best Mojito award at the Rum Trade Festival held in Tulum in March of 2015.

With a clear focus on the guest experience and a keen knowledge of mixology, Jasper is a welcome addition to the Colibri team.

All day bar menu

Huitlacoche Empanadas

Handmade empanadas filled with Mexican corn mushrooms and requesón cheese, poblano chile and yellow corn.

10 USD | $140
Torta Casino

Delicous torta of flank steak, avocado, tomato, lime-habanero ailoli and lettuce dressed with our house dressing.

9 USD | $125

Sandwich with Argentinian grilled chorizo dressed up with chimichurri, dijon mustard, and a fresh coleslaw with parsley.

9 USD | $125
Shrimp or Fish Tacos

Beer battered or pan seared, served with handmade corn tortillas, guacamole, pickled onion and salsa Mexicana.

11.5 USD | $165
Fish N' Chips'

Beer battered fish of the day served with french fries and salad.

16.5 USD | $230
Hamburger "El Pez"

House ground beef burger with choice of Oaxaca or blue cheese, crispy bacon, caramelized onion, served with french fries, onion rings and pickles.

14 USD | $200
Shrimp Burger

Shrimp medallion with a chipotle aioli, Oaxaca cheese, caramelized onion, guacamole, served with french fries, onion rings and pickles.

17.5 USD | $245
Veggie Burger

Portobello mushroom, Oaxaca cheese, argula, tomato. Served with french fries, onion rings and pickles.

12.5 USD | $175





Hint and Whisper

Gin, Elderflower, Fresh Passionfruit, Grapefruit Soda with Lavander Petals

9.30 USD | $140
Fresh Juice (Seasonal)

Orange, Pineapple, Papaya, Passionfruit, Mango, Grapefruit, Beetroot.

3 USD | $45

Citrus Vodka, Lime & Basil Sorbert, Fresh Lime, dash of Champagne

8.60 USD | $130
The Refresher

Rehydrate a thirsty body and refresh your tired mind with every sip. Cucumber, Lime, Fresh Mint.

3 USD | $45
Two for Tea

Chamomile infused Gin, Pear Liquor, Lime, Foam, and Spiced Apple Bitters.

8.60 USD | $130
Happy Jamaica

Bring happiness and health to allof your cells with the circulation and immune-enhancing power of this concoction. Jamaica, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lime.

3 USD | $45
Sea Pearl

Gin, Fresh Cucumber, Mint, Lime with an Absinthe Rinse.

8.60 USD | $130
Bee Healthy

Mother earth´s finest treats created to improve vitality and longevity. Passionfruit, Orange, Pineapple, Bee Pollen, Honey.

4.30 USD | $65
Aperol Sunset

Tequila, Aperol, Housemade Grapefruit Syrup, Lime, Demerara.

8.60 USD | $130
The Master Cleanse

A full blown detox to clear out the bad and make room for the good. Grapefruit, Beetroot, Apple, Ginger, Parsley, Habanero Pepper, Honey.

4.60 USD | $70
Flying Dutchman

Aged Rum, Orange Rhum Liquor, Muddled Tangerine, Thyme, Lime.

8.60 USD | $130    
Piña Punch

Pineapple Infused Pisco, Fresh Lime, Housemade Grapefruit Syrup.

8.60 USD | $130    




Old Cuban

Aged Rum, Fresh Mint, Lime, Angostura, topped with Champagne.

9.30 USD | $140

The classic healthy morning smoothie with a vacation mode twist. Strawberrie, Banana, Mango, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Hemp Seeds.

5 USD | $75
Dark & Stormy

Secred Spiced Rum, Blend Fresh Ginger, Lime, Topped with Soda.

8.60 USD | $130
Mighty Green

An immunity fortress equipped to fight off those unhealthy invaders. Pineapple, Mango, Banana, Horchata, Mint, Basil and Spirulina.

5 USD | $70
Spicy Señorita

Tequila, Muddled Red Pepper, Cilantro, Chipotle and a dash of Lime.

8.60 USD | $130
Power Up

For when you are feeling drained and need a mental or physical boost. Raw Cacao, Coffee, Banana, Natural Yogurth, Horchata and Peanuts.

4.30 USD | $65
The Gambler

Mezcal, Housemade Rosemary and Apple Juice, Maple Syrup, Bitters.

9.30 USD | $140
The Spider Web

Warning: This delicious smoothie is restricted to only the kid! Vanilla Ice Cream, Banana, Chocolate, Peanuts or Pineapple.

5 USD | $75
Kon Tiky

Plantain Infused Golden Rum, Blended Fresh Pineapple, Banana, Horchata, Passionfruit, Orange.

9.30 USD | $140


Mai Tai

White Rum, Cointreau, Fresh Mint, Orgeat Syrup, Lime, Crushed Ice.

8.60 USD | $130    
The Tempest

Spiced Rum, Ruby Port, Fresh Strawberries, Orange, Cinnamon.

9.30 USD | $140    

A 3 Tasting Cocktail Flight of your Choice.

16 USD | $240    

Health Kick Additions

Bee Polen

A "Natural Multivitamin" show to delay the aging process, prevent disease, and enhance your energy level.

2 USD | $30

Lends a hand to improve your digestion, immune system and energy levels.

2 USD | $30

"Mayan Miracle Plant" or the "Mexican Spinach", chaya improves digestion, brain function, builds strong bones and improves blood circulation.

1 USD | $15
Hemp Seeds

A complete source of vegan protein, vitamin and minerals to promote sustained energy and vitality.

1 USD | $15
Chia Seeds

A legend in the world of soluble fiber, chia regulates blood sugar levels, cleanses your digestive tract and aids in the detoxification process.

2 USD | $30
Raw Cacao

Gives your body a solid dose of disease and age fighting antioxidants as well as helps to focus your busy mind.

1 USD | $15

Full of healthy fat, vitamin E and fiber, these green bad boys provide you with sustained energy, radiant skin and better digestion.

1 USD | $15






3.30 USD | $50
3 USD | $45
3.30 USD | $50
3.30 USD | $50
3.30 USD | $50
3 USD | $45
Tecate Light
3.30 USD | $50
3.30 USD | $50
XX Lager
3.60 USD | $55
3 USD | $45
XX Ambar
3.60 USD | $55
3.30 USD | $50
Bohemia Clara
4 USD | $60
3.30 USD | $50
Bohemia Oscura
4 USD | $60
Hot Chocolate
3.30 USD | $50


Chocolate Milk
3.30 USD | $50
Tulum, Pale Ale
5.60 USD | $80
Tea Forté

Please ask your server for our selection

3.60 USD | $54
Minerva Unión, Pilsner
5.60 USD | $80

Water & Sodas

Minerva, Stout
5.60 USD | $80
Bui Natural/Mineral (1lt)
7.30 USD | $110
Tempus Clásica, Altbier
5.60 USD | $80
Bui Mineral Mint
3.30 USD | $50
Cucapá Runaway, IPA
6.30 USD | $95
Santa María
2.40 USD | $35
Albur Chalupa, Golden Ale
7 USD | $105
Cristal Mineral
2.40 USD | $35
Mundo Maya Lager (1lt)
12 USD | $180
2.40 USD | $35
Mundo Maya IPA (1lt)
12 USD | $180
Fresca/Manzana Lift
2.40 USD | $35